Ideas For Using The I Ching Astrology     

Your Life, Family & Friends
After learning the technique for looking yourself up in this system, it's interesting to look up past times in your life to see what The I Ching Astrology year was about at the time. Figures 32 and 33 can help to locate the year of inquiry, and reveal the underlying pattern of energy. (The author of this website uses it all the time too look up family and friends. The information is often QUITE insightful.)

The birthdays of Famous People of any type are usually listed on the Web, and lots of biography programs covering historical and contemporary public figures appear on television . Once the birth year of a celebrity is known, watching the life unfold of that person in the I Ching Astrology patterns can be very interesting. Some people make lists of birthdays to study the patterns. Here's the beginning of a list to get started:

Celebrity                    Birth Date                     Astrology Number
Martha Stewart             Aug. 3 1941                  #5

Martha Stewart went to prison in her CENTER YEAR, the year of major change. She was released at the beginning of her HEAVEN YEAR, a year to get busy, which is what she did. The next Year, her LAKE YEAR 2006, was a year to take it easy and reflect.

The 9 Year Sequence always occurs in the same order:
Center, Heaven, Lake, Mountain, Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Wind... then back to Center etc.