What is The I Ching Astrology?


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The I Ching Astrology is part of a live and very interactive presentation recorded in Los Angeles California. It is an hour long segment of a two day workshop about Chinese Shamanism and the Five Element Theory of Ancient Chinese Medicine, presented by healer/lecturer Joel Signeur. During Shamanistic times, finding the root of an illness was the approach to healing. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects all made up the individual. For the ancient Chinese, life occurrences were recognized as being tied in with cosmic cycles orchestrated by stars. The I Ching Astrology is one facet of this whole picture. Joel presents a condensed version of The I Ching Astrology on this website. He also teaches a full day (8 hour), more in depth course of this same topic. The recording of this Chinese Shamanism class from which these recording segments come, is now released in it's entirety at ChineseShamanism.com

           The I Ching

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At the heart of ancient Chinese cosmology was the I Ching. Known as a system of divination, and a model of dynamic balance and inevitable change, it has been referenced through history as an expression of wisdom and philosophy. Some contemporary research indicates that the genetic code is contained in the 64 Hexagrams of The I Ching. Much has been published about The I Ching but it's very hard to describe. The Taoists used to say that once something is defined with words, It no longer fits the object of description. The basic structure if The I Ching Astrology is all based on the I Ching.

    The Five Element Theory

Referred to many times in the I Ching Astrology, The Five Element Theory describes a system of energy running through the entire universe and proposes that every living thing has the Five element system of dynamics running through it. Many Chinese traditions are based on this system: Acupuncture, Feng Shui, Tui Na, The Enneagram, etc. The Five Element system is also derived from the I Ching.


    The I Ching Astrology
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In this system, earthly events are believed to be affected by the position and movement of stars. The stars in turn have a direct effect on all living things and events in life. Joel Seigneur uses examples and personal accounts of his experiences with this system, telling of direct and specific effects on people. The effects are rather specific to each individual but the general influences each year are very regular and amazingly consistent. In the class audience members also share their own personal experiences. The I Ching Astrology cycle repeats every 9 years. Once you know the system, you can look back on your life and see the trends and cyclic patterns. Looking up Family members and friends in the system can be very revealing. Celebrity's birthdays are easy to look up and watch as events unfold. The Sequence of 9 years always travels in the same order: Center, Heaven, Lake, Mountain, Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Wind... then back to Center etc.